Unfold Smartness

Smartness looks different for everyone. But depending on your lifestyle and how you use your smart devices, some of your daily tasks can definitely be made easier with the right case.

Here are some of our favorite smart cases that you can simply unfold to make your everyday living a little better.

UNIQ Oslo vegan leather laptop sleeve with stand

Elevate your productivity

The days of remote working are here to stay. We know you have a favorite cafe or co-working space to get work done. But what if you could take your personal workstation along with you?

Well, you can with Oslo. Its stand magnetically snaps into place to prop your laptop up securely at an ergonomic angle. It’s a simple yet smart fix that provides you with an elevated workstation wherever you are. There, working on the go is instantly made more comfortable and productive.

An iPad casing with foldable stand design
Play doesn’t have to be hard work

But why just work hard when you can play smart too? If you spend most of your leisurely time on your iPad reading, watching videos, or sketching, then Ryze (coming soon) is for you.

Since youre making the effort to enjoy yourself, might as well make it a little more effortless. Different angle and height options let you watch videos or read comfortably in any position. And for artists, just a seamless flip and you’ll be sketching to your heart’s content with ease.


UNIQ Novo vegan leather grip iPhone 14 case
Everyday functionality doubled

So, you’re on your phone all day long – we can relate. That’s why we made sure the Novo’s smart folding disc was intuitive, easy to use and doubles as both a grip and stand. 

You won’t believe how much more convenient daily activities such as texting on the go can get with a simple addition of a comfortable grip. And if you want to kick back and watch a movie, you’ve got a sturdy stand to prop your phone up on too. Not convinced yet? Perhaps some expert insight may help.


Hear from Gladys, our Product Strategist

"Modern phones now come with bigger screens, so having a built-in grip really helps to prevent drops and keeps your phone in your hand. We designed the Novo case with comfort and convenience in mind. The idea behind it is to make something better and sleeker out of something commonplace.”

So, which is best for you?

There’s no “one size fits all” case or stand. It really depends on your lifestyle and the daily tasks you are looking to make simpler with the smartness of a folding stand. Explore our full range and find your ideal case.