There’s Optix For That

Every phone needs a good screen protector, one that remains reliable no matter what life throws at you. That’s why we designed our series of Optix screen protectors with you in mind and specifically for situations that we know you go through daily.

But, there’s nothing quite like seeing Optix in action. That’s why we also developed a series of videos to show you exactly where Optix comes in handy when life happens.

Big Drop? No Big Deal.

You’re not the clumsy sort – but still, it happens. A slip of the hand, a bump on the shoulder or just careless placement of your phone can easily lead to a screen-shattering drop. That’s where Optix Clear comes in.

Armed with shatter-resistant tempered glass and anti-chip edges, Optix Clear keeps your phone safe and ready for all of life’s moments – even the ones you don’t see coming. So you can stay worry-free about any possible damage to your phone screen.

Screen Protected, Eyes Protected.

Admit it, you’re on your phone all day long just like us. With more screen time comes more eye strain and fatigue. That’s why we created Optix VisionCare – because a screen protector shouldn’t just protect your phone, it should protect your eyes as well.

Optix VisionCare blocks up to 75% of harmful blue light for optic defence and is color-optimized so you don’t have to view what’s on your screen through a warm tint. So you can text, enjoy your favourite videos and more with always-on blue light protection.  

What About Eyes That Aren’t Yours?/strong>

Knocks and drops aren’t the only things that your screen needs protection from. We know your privacy is important to you and created Optix Privacy for just that.

Optix Privacy’s advanced two-way filter keeps prying eyes away from your screen so you can use your phone freely without worry. Private texts, passwords and personal information – strictly for your eyes only.

So, Life Happens… Are You Prepared for It?

We can’t predict when our phone is going to take a knock, or when we’ll need that extra privacy. Explore our full range of Optix screen protectors and find the right one for you and your needs.