USD 25.90

Go hands-free with Vista. A 2-in-1 adjustable lanyard designed with a secure magnetic buckle system detaches easily to conveniently convert into a hand strap, so you can sling on your essentials the way you want. Includes strap card for universal compatibility across all phones cases.


    Versatile utility crossbody lanyard for phones and other accessories
    Made with a polyester fiber webbing for lightweight durability
    Flat strap design for greater comfort and less slippage
    Magnetic buckle system for easy convertibility to hand strap
    Includes strap card for universal compatibility


    Adjustable length between 55-80cm

    Polyester fabric and zinc alloy


    We know your tech devices are life essentials, so we designed ways to let them fit more seamlessly into your everyday life. With Vista, your phone is always within reach and comfortably strapped on so you can avoid fumbling through your bag or pockets whenever that important call or text comes in.

Strap on your essentials

A wide, flat strap designed for greater comfort and less slippage.

Wear your freedom

Keeping your essentials comfortably within reach at all times.

Made to match

Includes strap card for compatibility across all phone cases.

Hand strap convertible

Effortlessly switch between the lanyard and hand strap for versatile carrying.

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