Optix Privacy

USD 26.90

Get protected from scratches, impacts and prying eyes with the 2-way privacy filter. With optimized clarity and color display, screen resolution never gets compromised to give you the best possible viewing pleasure.


    2-way 28º privacy filter
    Up to 1.8m impact tested
    Anti-chip edges
    Oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating
    DustRepel™ anti-static surface

  • FAQs

    Q: Is the Optix Privacy screen protector easy to install?
    A: Yes, the Optix Privacy screen protector is designed to be easy to install. It comes with a cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker to ensure a clean and dust-free installation.

    Q: Will the Optix Privacy screen protector reduce the clarity of the phone display?
    A: Optix Privacy blocks the display from sight when viewing it from an angle of 28º onwards, but retains full clarity when viewing straight on.

    Q: Will the Optix Privacy screen protector affect the Face ID function?
    A: No, Optix Privacy is designed with an ultra-clear and ultra-thin tempered glass that does not affect the Face ID function.

Full privacy mode on

Avert prying eyes with the anti-spy filter that prevents side viewing from the left and right side when holding your phone in portrait orientation.

Everything in the clear

With anti-chip edges and shatter-resistant technology, Optix Privacy offers full-coverage screen protection that withstands up to 1.8m impact and boasts an optimized and accurate color display.

Life happens

And there’s Optix Privacy protection for that. With its advanced 2-way filter, this reliable screen protector ensures your screen display is for your eyes only.

Easy-breezy, dust-free installation

The complete installation kit that comes included makes affixing the screen protector onto the phone yourself an easy task. Each one is designed with the Dust Repel™ anti-static technology, which keeps airborne dust at bay during application.

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