Optix Paper-Sketch

USD 24.90

Give your iPad that satisfying paper-like texture when drawing or sketching on the device. The Optix Paper-Sketch film screen protector has a natural micro-texture that mimics the light resistance of paper, offering you a superb experience as though you’re writing on paper.


    Paper-like microtexture
    Matte anti-glare surface
    Superb touchscreen sensitivity

  • FAQs

    Q: Is the Optix Paper-Sketch screen protector the same as the Optix Matte screen protector?
    A: No, Optix Paper-Sketch is designed to simulate the feeling of drawing and writing on paper, and does not have the same level of drop protection as a tempered-glass screen protector.

    Q: Can I just apply the Optix Paper-Sketch screen protector without taking out the existing tempered-glass screen protector on my iPad?
    A: No, we do not recommend doing so as this will reduce the sensitivity of the screen and affect the writing and drawing experience.

    Q: Will the Optix Paper-Sketch screen protector affect the Face ID function?
    A: No, Optix Paper-Sketch has a precise camera cutout to ensure that the front camera and Face ID function are not affected.

Paper-like feel for drawing pleasure

The lightly-textured surface of the screen protector simulates writing on paper, thus providing better control and precision in your drawing and sketching.

Anti-glare, matte finish

A matte finish means more effective light dispersion, preventing unwanted glare from being reflected off the screen and blinding your view in the process.

Reduced wear on pencil tip

The enhanced paper-like surface helps keep your Apple Pencil in tip-top condition for longer, staving off the need for frequent tip replacements.

Always-accurate Face ID scan

Camera cutout at the top ensures accurate and precise Face ID scan every time. Only applicable for selected iPad models.

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