Optix Matte

USD 23.90

See more of your screen and less of the glare with the Optix Matte screen protector. The matte finish of the surface scatters light reflection, while its anti-smudge coating means you’ll always have a clear screen for optimal viewing.


    Enhanced matte finishing
    Up to 1.8m impact tested
    Anti-chip edges
    Oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating
    DustRepel™ anti-static surface

  • FAQs

    Q: Is the Optix Matte screen protector easy to install?
    A: Yes, the Optix Matte screen protector is designed to be easy to install. It comes with a cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker to ensure a clean and dust-free installation.

    Q: Will the Optix Matte screen protector affect the touch sensitivity of my phone?
    A: No, the Optix Matte screen protector is designed to enhance the touch sensitivity of your phone. It should be more accurate and responsive to your touchscreen.

    Q: Will the Optix Matte screen protector reduce the clarity of my phone’s display?
    A: No, even though the finish feels different, the Optix Matte screen protector is designed to retain the clarity of your phone’s display.

High touch precision and sensitivity

Instant touch responsiveness means no more lagging or double-tapping unnecessarily. Every touch is precise and well-defined to make your swipes and taps feel seamless.

No smudge,
less glare, all screen

Optix Matte offers full-coverage screen protection with anti-glare technology so you can always enjoy true display clarity without any unwanted smudges and reflections.

Worry-free swiping

Optix Matte combines a smooth, matte finish with anti-chip edges and shatter-resistant technology to make swiping a real delight without you having to worry about everyday knocks.

dust-free installation

The complete installation kit that comes included makes affixing the screen protector onto the phone yourself an easy task. Each one is designed with the Dust Repel™ anti-static technology, which keeps airborne dust at bay during application.

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