Optix Lens Protector

USD 17.90

Maintain the full integrity of your camera lenses with the Optix Aluminium Lens Protector. With aluminium alloy, anti-fingerprint coating, shatter-resistant layer, and 9H tempered glass all packed into one, each lens is wholly protected. Available in various colors, style it to stand out or match it to your phone color.


    0.25mm ultra-slim shield with durable aluminium bezel surround
    9H extreme hardness tempered glass with enhanced shatter resistance
    Oleophobic surface for resistance against moisture and fingerprint smudges
    True HD clarity that maintains the original quality of pictures
    Applicator included for easy and quick installation

  • FAQs

    Q: Will the Optix Aluminium lens protector affect the quality of my photos or videos?
    A: The Optix Aluminium lens protector is designed to be transparent and thin enough to allow light to pass through to the camera lens, and should not affect photo or video quality.

    Q: How do I remove the Optix Aluminium lens protector?
    A: To remove the Optix Aluminium lens protector, use your fingernail or a plastic card to lift the edge of the protector and then gently peel it off. If any residue remains, you can use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning solution to clean the lens.

    Q: Is the Optix Aluminium lens protector compatible with all phone cases?
    A: The Optix Aluminium lens protector is fully compatible with all Uniq phone cases. However, we can not ensure that it will be compatible with cases made by other brands.

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