Optix Lens Protector - Clear

USD 13.90

Take pixel-perfect photos every time with the Optix Clear camera lens protector. Made with tempered glass for more robust protection, the shield cushions the lenses against impacts and scratches from every angle, while keeping fingerprints and moisture from smudging the clear surface.


    Ultra-slim fit
    HD clarity
    Bubble-free installation

  • FAQs

    Q: Will the Optix Clear lens protector affect the quality of my photos or videos?
    A: The Optix Clear lens protector is designed to be transparent and thin enough to allow light to pass through to the camera lens, and should not affect photo or video quality.

    Q: How do I remove the Optix Clear lens protector?
    A: To remove the Optix Clear lens protector, use your fingernail or a plastic card to lift the edge of the protector and then gently peel it off. If any residue remains, you can use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning solution to clean the lens.

    Q: Is the Optix Clear lens protector compatible with all phone cases?
    A: The Optix Clear lens protector is fully compatible with all Uniq phone cases. However, we can not ensure that it will be compatible with cases made by other brands.

360° guard against every impact

With Optix Clear, each camera lens is reliably shielded all-around, minimizing any possible damage from daily bumps and knocks.

Clarity in every shot

Designed to provide durable protection with no compromise to clarity, so you get vivid hues and pixel-perfect definition in every shot.

9H hardness for added defense

The 9H tempered glass is super tough and resilient, providing extra protection for the camera lenses while maintaining its true clarity and scratch resistance.

Perfect once-over application

Complete installation kit included inside gives you perfect alignment and full control over the application, thus taking away the stress of errors.

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