Lyden DS

USD 29.90

Compact yet highly functional, the Lyden Duo Series card holder combines the functionality of a protective card holder with the convenience of a foldable hands-free stand. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or simply on-the-go, it's compact design makes it easy to snap on and ensures that your essential cards are always within reach.


    Foldable leatherette 2-in-1 card wallet and stand featuring a dual-toned design with secure MagSafe-compatible magnetic attachment
    1 easy-access outer card slot and 2 inner card slots, for storing up to 3 cards. Anti-slip inner lining within outer card slot to prevent card from slipping out when on the go
    Integrated RFID-blocking layer to allow convenient tap-and-go support for card in outer slot
    Designed to open and stay in place to act as a tabletop stand for hands-free viewing in dual orientation
    An adhesive double-side sticker included for non-MagSafe devices or cases


    Polyurethane and stainless steel

    Card storage
    Stores up to 2 cards at a time only.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can card payments be made without removing cards from Lyden DS?
    A: Yes. Lyden DS enables card payments when only one card is inserted, ensuring there are no conflicts with other cards

    Q: Does Lyden DS affect the Apple Pay system?
    A: Yes, the placement of the magnet may interfere with the Apple Pay function. Lyden DS should be removed from your phone before using Apple Pay.

    Q: Is Lyden DS secure for use with just a snap on?
    A: Yes, the strong magnets within ensures Lyden DS has a firm and secure attachment to your phone once snapped on.

Just snap it on

Designed with a secure magnetic attachment, simple snap on and keep your cards safely in place with ease.

Go hands-free instantly

The integrated foldable stand allows for convenient video calling or movie marathons from any angle and in any orientation you prefer.

Store, tap and go

Built with RFID-blocking technology that lets you store up to 3 cards safely with tap-and-go support.

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