USD 25.90

Made for lasting comfort, Aspen does what it does best by combining comfort and class in one. The braided design offers superb breathability, while its stretchable material means you’ll always get a precise fit around your wrist.


    Stretchable Weavex™ for soft touch and all-day comfort
    Woven polyester to resist fraying, splashes and sweat
    Adjustable woven strap for personalized length
    Simple slide function to easily loosen or tighten strap
    316 stainless steel hardware


    Nylon Braided

    Apple Watch 41/40/38mm and 45/44/42mm


    If you’re wearing your Apple Watch all day long, comfort is a priority. And we made sure of it when we crafted Aspen’s woven design that is easy to adjust and lets your skin breathe comfortably.

All-day comfort, soft to the touch

Aspen’s plush materials make for comfortable wearing on your skin all day long, keeping it cool and dry.

Adjustable band for the perfect fit

The 316 stainless steel buckle slides along the band for you to adjust the strap length according to your wrist, and stays securely in place after for the ideal fit.

Stretchable WeavexTM for added flexibility

Soft and highly breathable, the strap’s stretchability lets you slip it on and off your wrist easily whenever you need to.

Built for all conditions

Aspen weaves high-quality polyester thread into an intricately-designed braid that is resistant to sweat, splashes and fraying.

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