As part of our mission to make the world better by design, we have spent almost a decade refining our craftsmanship, product designs and smart concepts for consumer electronics and accessories. Having grown as a global brand known in over 30 countries, UNIQ is now a target for counterfeiters from around the world.

It has recently come to our awareness that Heldro counterfeits have been surfacing on various platforms and retail outlets.

How to detect and avoid buying counterfeit UNIQ products

Counterfeit products may look very much like a genuine UNIQ product, and hence it may be difficult to tell them apart. However the following indicators may help in differentiating between the two:
  • Poor or mediocre quality
  • Low price
  • Chemical smell
  • Blurred visuals on packaging or low packaging quality
  • Product color may vary from that of genuine products
  • Logo placement is different from that of genuine products
  • Missing UNIQ authenticity sticker on packaging
You can avoid buying a counterfeit product by purchasing from Authorised Resellers or from the UNIQ online website.

How to report counterfeit UNIQ products

If you wish to report any counterfeit UNIQ products, please do not hesitate to contact our team by email to