Pod 8-In-1 Pack

USD 11.90

No more mess. Smarten up your workspace with neater cables and less clutter. Pod’s dual-slot buttons are made to hold your cables firmly and secure them on any surface with the help of the reusable adhesive stickers – perfect additions to easily spruce up any desk, living room or even car. 


    Pack of 8 cable organizer buttons
    Compact size for neater cables with no additional bulk
    Designed for firm hold on up to 2 round or flat cables
    Adhesive tape for universal attachment of buttons to any surface


    Packaging Includes
    Cable organizer button x 8



    Nothing enhances productivity like a clutter-free workspace – trust us. And we’ve designed Pod to reduce clutter by letting you organize your cables and stick them wherever you want. Perfect for keeping cables neatly in place till you need them.

Organization made easy

Designed to secure up to 2 flat or round cables, each Pod button makes neatening up your workspace a breeze.

Perfectly in place

The universal attachment tape on the bottom of each Pod button lets you keep your cables in place wherever and whenever you need.

For any space

Whether it's your desk, bedside table, or even your car, Pod is made to keep your space cable- and clutter-free.

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