Optix Vivid

USD 14.90

Get the most out of your Apple Watch Ultra with Optix Vivid. Enjoy a brilliant display of hues while adding a layer of shatter-resistant and anti-chip durability to your Watch. With an ultra-smooth, touch-sensitive surface and high-definition display, you can expect true clarity with greater color accuracy that you can take anywhere on your wrist. Applicator included for ease of installation. 


    Tough 9H tempered glass with pixel-perfect clarity
    Scratch-resistant shield with high touch sensitivity
    Guided alignment for ease of installation
    invisible Dust Repel™ technology to reduce surface adhesion of fine particles and dust
    Enhanced shatter resistance to reduce the risk of cracks along the edges


    Packaging Includes
    Optix Vivid Screen Protector for Apple Watch Ultra x 1
    Applicator Kit x 1

    Apple Watch Ultra 49mm


    Our Optix screen protectors have worked great for your iPhone and iPad screens, so we thought – why not create one for your Apple Watch Ultra? And that’s what we did. Now you can enjoy brilliant hues on your Watch anytime, anywhere.

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