USD 34.90

Bergen is one robust sleeve to shield your laptop and stash daily essentials for your everyday travels. With an inner bumper, a water-resistant shell, and a front-zip compartment, Bergen is made for your commute and the workplace.


    ShockSorb™ impact protection
    Plush padded interior for added cushioning
    Water-resistant nylon exterior
    Fold-and-Lock zinc alloy zip pulls
    Spacious front-zip compartment


    Fits laptops of up to 14 inches
    (Maximum Laptop Dimension: 33cm x 23.5cm x 2.4cm)
    Fits laptops of up to 16 inches
    (Maximum Laptop Dimension: 36cm x 25.3cm x 1.9cm)

    Nylon sleeve with inner ShockSorb™ grooves and zinc alloy zips


    Made for the urban professional, Bergen was designed as a functional blend of durability and modernity. And with no compromise on style either, it’s protection you can carry confidently into any meeting room.

ShockSorbTM inner bumper

Inner cushioning grooves lining the bottom and sides are made for absorbing maximum shock to guard your laptop against impacts.

For all your essentials

The spacious front pocket compartment is ideal for taking along your everyday essentials, so that you’ll have all you need to get work done from anywhere.

From commute to meeting room

Bergen is a combination of intuitive protective features and functionality that keeps your laptop safe from any abrasions whether you’re in the meeting room or on the go.

Water-resistant nylon exterior

Resilient against drizzles and light splashes, Bergen’s nylon exterior helps keep your laptop dry and safe from water damage.

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