(MagClick™ Magnetic Charging Compatible)

USD 29.90

Everyday protection with a touch of refinement. Lyden elevates the classic leatherette case with sleek aluminium camera lens bezel and side buttons, and a smooth inner microfibre lining for a balanced combination of subtle details and edge-to-edge durability. Supports MagClick™ charging for an effortless wireless charging experience.


    Slim premium edge-to-edge leatherette case
    Subtle leather-like textured details and finishing
    Aluminium camera lens bezel and side buttons to shield against harsh knocks and impacts
    Inner microfibre lining to prevent scratches during installation
    Compatible with MagClick™ magnetic wireless charging function
    Drop-tested to withstand up to 8 feet/2.5 meters


    Polyurethane with aluminium bezel and buttons


    Crafted with premium vegan leather and completed with a complementary aluminium bezel and buttons, Lyden was designed to provide reliable edge-to-edge protection while still adding a classy edge to your everyday style.

Charge wirelessly with just a snap

Lyden is designed to be compatible with magnetic chargers and accessories. Just snap it on and you’re good to go.

A clear shot every time

With a raised lens bezel to shield the back camera, you’ll be worrying less about accidental knocks or drops damaging your phone lenses.

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