(MagClick™ Magnetic Charging Compatible)

USD 25.90

The Combat MagClick™ is an all-rounded impact protection with a 3-tier structure designed for maximum shock absorption. Designed to easily snap into place for wireless charging and made to withstand harsh impacts, you can have total peace of mind under any condition.


    Compatible with MagClick™ magnetic wireless charging function
    Raised lens bezel to shield back camera
    Tough shield with triple defense
    Smudge-resistance with 360º impact bumpers
    Tested to withstand drops of up to 13 feet
    Inner ShockSorb™ layer to absorb shock from impacts


    Hybrid polycarbonate, TPE and TPU shell



    We designed the Combat with ShockSorb™ technology that minimizes any possible damage by effectively absorbing shock and dispersing impact. It’s the perfect choice to protect your phone against everyday drops and knocks.

Charge wirelessly with just a snap

The Combat MagClick™ is compatible with magnetic chargers and accessories. Just snap it on and you’re good to go.

Raised lens bezel to shield the back camera

With a tight enclosure around the back camera, you’ll be worrying less about damaging the lenses. The reinforced corner defense also helps disperse shock upon impact.

Tough shield with triple defense

Comes with a sturdy scratch-resistant back to repel unwanted scrapes, plus an inner ShockSorb™ structure with 360º impact bumpers to absorb excess impact during accidental drops.

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