Revix Premium Edition

USD 35.90

Go bold with Revix Premium Edition, a reversible dual-colored, dual-material strap that lets you switch up your style with just a flip. Featuring a reversible design with premium leather on one side and ultra-soft silicone with a smooth finish on the other. Improved with an additional metallic clasp, the Revix Premium Edition stays comfortable yet secure on your wrist all day.

Device Size

    Reversible design for 3 different wearing styles
    Patented bidirectional connectors
    Strong magnetic attachment for easy length adjustment and secure fit that can withstand up to 1.2KG of pull
    Dual-color reversible design with premium leather on one side and smooth UV-treated silicone on the other
    28 bidirectional neodymium magnets and metallic clasp to keep straps securely in place


    Genuine leather, silicone and stainless steel

    Apple Watch 41/40/38mm and 49/45/44/42mm


    We loved the versatility of Revix’s reversible design and took it to the next level with this Premium Edition. Now, not only can you switch up the colors, you can switch from premium leather on one side to ultra-soft silicone on the other with just a simple flip too – truly perfect for any occasion.

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