Optix Duo Pro

USD 29.90

Combining a durable yet crystal clear tempered glass shield with a tough stainless steel bezel, Optix Duo Pro is the clear choice for toughness you can strap on. Protect your Apple Watch Ultra from everyday bumps and drops with the reinforced anti-chip edges while still enjoying pixel-perfect, color-optimized clarity at your fingertips. Application included for ease of installation.


    Tough 9H tempered glass with an anti-reflective surface and pixel-perfect clarity
    Scratch-resistant shield with high touch sensitivity
    Tough stainless steel bezel for enhanced resistance against cracks and screen-shattering drops
    Invisible Dust Repel™ technology to reduce surface adhesion of fine particles and dust
    Guided alignment for ease of installation


    Packaging Includes
    Optix Vivid Duo Pro for Apple Watch Ultra x 1
    Stainless Steel Bezel x 1
    Applicator Kit x 1

    Apple Watch Ultra 49mm


    We know you take your Apple Watch Ultra everywhere. So we created the ultimate blend of protection and clarity, while taking resistance to chips and cracks to a new level with an extra durable stainless steel bezel that shields your watch face’s delicate edges.

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