Revix Evo

USD 39.90

Introducing the Revix Evo, a revolutionary strap featuring dual-colored options that allow you to effortlessly switch up your style, all while enhancing your timekeeping experience. Improved with a sleek metallic clasp and its double-locking mechanism, you can trust that your watch will remain securely fastened throughout the day, ensuring both reliability and flair.

Device Size

    Dual-color reversible design with patented connectors that provide 3 ways to wear it, with ease of switching colors in a single flip
    Enhanced silicone block design with added metallic bar on strap end, and metallic clasp for a more secure fit
    Strong magnetic attachment is tested to withstand up to 1.2KG of pull test and supports easy length adjustment
    Crafted with smooth silicone material that is waterproof, washable and comfortable


    Silicone and stainless steel

    Wrist Length

    Apple Watch 41/40/38mm and 49/45/44/42mm


    We loved the versatility of Revix’s reversible design and elevated it to a next level with this refined version. Now, you can elevate your timekeeping experience with Revix Evo, designed with a durable steel buckle and a double locking-mechanism to ensure a secure fit throughout the day.

New Shape to Security

Featuring a durable polished steel buckle, Revix Evo is made to fit securely at all times.

Wear It Your Way

With two contrasting colours, it offers three flexible ways to wear for any occasion - be it work, the gym or leisure.

Perfect Blend of Comfort and Durability

Crafted with ultra-soft silicone and 28 bidirectional magnets, Revix Evo strikes a perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Enhance with a Vibrant Flair

Elevate your wrist with a pop of colour; select from a range of hues to infuse your style with energy and charm.

Switch Up Your Style

Experience versatility, style and security with Revix Evo. Switching up your style just got better.

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