USD 19.90

Built for active use and life on the go, the Nexo is the perfect workout buddy to your AirPods. Its dual-layer hybrid liquid silicone protective case provides sturdy protection, while its ear hooks keep your AirPods comfortably in place and secure in your ears while you move.


    Hybrid Silicore™ with tough inner polycarbonate layer for slim yet sturdy protection
    Aluminium carabiner to attach onto bags
    Includes ear hooks for a secure and comfortable fit
    Supports both wired and wireless charging


    Packaging Includes
    Nexo AirPods Case x 1
    Aluminium Carabiner x 1
    Sports Ear Hooks x 1 Pair

    Liquid silicone


    We included a pair of sports ear hooks with the Nexo so you can hook your AirPods on your ears securely and comfortably in a place all day long through your commutes, workouts and more.

Keep the music going

Take your AirPods on your next workout with Nexo. Its aluminium carabiner and sports ear hooks ensure you can go further without losing your AirPods.

Hybrid protection
on the go

The dual-layer structure of Hybrid Silicore™ co-moulded with a tough inner polycarbonate layer provides slim yet sturdy protection wherever you take your workouts.

Built for movement

The sweat- and water-resistant sport ear hooks are built to withstand moisture and rain while keeping your AirPods firmly and comfortably in place as you move.

Charge with
greater ease

The slim and precise silicone construction of the Nexo is designed to support both wired and wireless charging.

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