USD 21.90

A magnetic phone stand, a hand grip and a card holder all in one, Lyft gives you convenience and storage anywhere you go. With embedded magnets, simply snap it against the back of your magnetic charging-compatible phone or case and you’re done.


    Collapsible magnetic stand and card holder
    Supports dual orientation with 5 viewing angles
    Centralized grip design
    Slim and accessible storage for up to 2 cards



    6.3cm(w) x 0.4cm(d) x 9.7cm(h)

    Card storage
    Stores up to 2 cards at a time only.


    We made everyday tasks smarter and simpler with Lyft. Snap it on magnetically and you instantly get a stand for your phone that also doubles up as a card holder so you can leave your bulky wallet at home and still make payments easily.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can card payments be made without removing cards from Lyft?
    A: No. Due to the placement of the magnet, cards should be removed to make payments to avoid magnetic interference.

    Q: Does Lyft affect the Apple Pay system?
    A: Yes, the placement of the magnet may interfere with the Apple Pay function. Lyft should be removed from your phone before using Apple Pay.

    Q: Is Lyft secure for use with just a snap on?
    A: Yes, the strong magnets within ensures Lyft has a firm and secure attachment to your phone once snapped on.

Easy on, easy off

Lyft is a magnetic stand and cardholder designed to snap on easily to provide you added functionality exactly when you need it – and snap right off instantly to be put away when you don’t.

Slot your card

Slide the card out easily using the embedded card slot’s hidden cutout without needing to detach Lyft.

A Magnetic stand with five viewing modes

Easily configured to give you multiple orientations at optimal angles, Lyft is great for movie watching, gaming and video calls.

Get a secure grip

Fold it out for a hand grip that you can easily slide your fingers under, giving you greater reachability when scrolling or typing on screen.

Convenient SmartTypeTM mode

Lyft angles your phone perfectly for comfortable typing and surfing while helping you keep your ideal posture.

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