USD 21.90

A better grip, hands-free stand, and protective card holder – all within a slim compact design that you can snap on and take anywhere. Flixa is designed to let you take your most essential cards with you while adding a new level of functionality with its pop-out grip-stand disc.


    Magnetic card holder with integrated pop-out grip and stand
    Centralised disc-style grip design provides ergonomic grip and full reachability of screen when texting or browsing
    Secure locking stand design optimised for hands-free landscape orientation viewing for video calls, watching movies and gaming
    Slim 2-card storage with easy access and protective shield for cards
    Includes silicone mounting ring with 3M tape for non-magnetic devices or cases


    Polyurethane and polycarbonate

    6cm(w) x 0.2cm(d) x 9.7cm(h)

    Card storage
    Stores up to 2 cards at a time only.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can card payments be made without removing cards from Flixa?
    A: No. Due to the placement of the magnet, cards should be removed to make payments to avoid magnetic interference.

    Q: Does Flixa affect the Apple Pay system?
    A: Yes, the placement of the magnet may interfere with the Apple Pay function. Flixa should be removed from your phone before using Apple Pay.

    Q: Is Flixa secure for use with just a snap on?
    A: Yes, the strong magnets within ensures Flixa has a firm and secure attachment to your phone once snapped on.

Snap on greater versatility

Strong in-built magnets let you simply snap Flixa onto your phone for functionality you can take anywhere.

Go hands-free with ease

The integrated stand locks in place for convenient movie watching or video calling in any orientation.

No more drops

Flixa’s ergonomic disc-style grip ensures full-screen reachability with no risk of dropping your phone.

Made to match

Designed to pair seamlessly with the Flixa Mount Base for easy magnetic attachment to any surface.

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