Smart Tools and Gadgets You Need to Enhance Your Tech and Lifestyle

In a world where our gadgets are practically an extension of ourselves, the right accessories can seriously level up our game. That is where UNIQ steps in, bringing you a lineup of smart mobile accessories that not only amp up your tech but also add a touch of cool to your lifestyle.

Keep reading to explore the must-haves, because your tech deserves better and so do you.

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Pod Mag: Decluttering Your Workspace

Magnetic Cable Organizer

You are at your desk, and there are cables everywhere — charging cables, headphone cables, you name it. It is a mess, right? Well, not anymore, because Pod Mag is here to save the day. With Pod Mag, decluttering your workspace is a breeze. It is a simple yet genius addition that instantly tidies up your cables. All you have to do is slot your cables into the buttons and snap them magnetically onto the base. You can even stick and restick the base anywhere you want, creating the smartest workspace ever, tailored to your needs.

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Air Fender ID: Slim, Secure and Stylish

Image of an iphone case

For the trendsetter who wants their gadget to be as stylish as they are functional, the Air Fender ID iPhone case is a clear winner. With a slim built-in single-card slot, this case ensures your card is always within reach for easy access and no more bulky pockets. The innovative AbsoClear™ technology not only shields against fingerprints and surface oils but also maintains a sleek aesthetic thanks to its anti-yellowing finish.

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Valencia: Your AirPods’ New BFF

Image of an airpod case

Valencia is not your average AirPods case — it is the cool sidekick your earbuds never knew they needed. The aluminium carabiner guarantees your AirPods stay put wherever you go. It is not solely about security; it is about achieving the ideal fusion of form and function. The sleek construction supports both wired and wireless charging, helping your AirPods stay always ready to rock.

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Venno: Your iPad’s Perfect Companion

Image of an iPad

Venno keeps your iPad at an ergonomic angle for those long work hours. But that is not all — it also comes with a backlit keyboard offering three levels of brightness. Convenience is key and Venno delivers by allowing seamless Bluetooth pairing with just a single tap. Work day or night, Venno has got you covered.

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Nova: Goodbye Cable Chaos

Image of a charging dock

We designed Nova to help you declutter your charging life. No more fumbling with multiple chargers as this seamless charging dock keeps your mouse upright and allows fuss-free charging for your AirPods. It is the end of cable chaos, and we are here for it. Nova simplifies your charging game, making life a tad bit easier and a whole lot neater.

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Tech Marvels, Lifestyle Wonders

We do not just offer mobile accessories but also provide solutions that blend into your lifestyle effortlessly. After all, better design leads to a better experience and that is what UNIQ is all about. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace accessories that redefine the game.

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