Slim and Stylish — How UNIQ's Wireless Chargers Bring Style and Organisation

Picture this: You are at home, your desk is cluttered with charging cables, and your devices are all vying for a spot near the lone wall charger. But what if we told you there is a sleek, stylish solution that not only keeps your space tidy but also ensures your gadgets are always juiced up and ready to accompany you on all your adventures?

Our wireless chargers — the Hoveo, Aereo Mag, and Vertex Duo — can transform your charging routine and leave your space clutter-free. Here is how they can help you say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to convenience. 

Compact and Portable: Versatile Power On the Go

Versatile Power On the Go

Compactness and portability are things we all appreciate and our wireless chargers have got this down pat. Whether you are a jet-setter or someone who works remotely, these chargers are the dream team. 

Hoveo is a wireless portable charger designed to slip right into your pockets effortlessly. Simply snap it onto your device to start charging without weighing you down or adding any extra clutter to your life, achieving convenience at its finest. We also designed Hoveo's ingenious multi-function design to seamlessly transition from a desk dock to a portable power bank, making charging a breeze like never before. 

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Multi-Device Charging: Handling More With Less

Multiple Wireless Charger

We have all been there — multiple devices with different chargers cluttering up our space. Thankfully, some wireless chargers come with the ability to charge more than one device simultaneously, simplifying your charging routine and making it more efficient.

The Aereo Mag does just that — power up your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone all in one central location. Even though the charging dock handles multiple devices at once, it does not compromise on speed thanks to its lightning-fast magnetic charging. 

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Slim Design: Simplicity That Works

Wireless Stand Charger

A clutter-free environment is a visually appealing one, and our wireless chargers are crafted to complement that vision. Their sleek and slim profiles ensure they take up minimal space on your desk or nightstand.

The Vertex Duo takes slim to the next level with its ultra-thin 15mm profile. This charger effortlessly folds flat for on-the-go convenience not just for portability, but also to grant users the flexibility to choose how they prefer to utilise it.

Cut the Cord and Charge Without Limits

Wireless chargers can simplify our charging routines, and give us the freedom to charge our devices without being tethered to an outlet. So, if you have not made the switch to wireless charging yet, it is time to embrace the convenience, simplicity, and tidiness it brings to your life. 

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