How to Resolve and Avoid Further Eye Strain When Using Your Phone

Are your eyes often feeling fatigued, accompanied by persistent headaches? If you are one of the many individuals spending long hours on your phone for work, school, or entertainment, your device might be the culprit.

Let us explore how you can mitigate and prevent eye strain, ensuring your digital experience remains easy on the eyes.

1. Invest in an Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Image of phone with and without screen protector

Shield your eyes from the harsh glare of your phone screen by opting for an anti-glare screen protector. At UNIQ, we recognise the importance of preserving both the visual integrity of your phone's display and the health of your eyes. That is why our selection includes a diverse range of privacy screen protectors and anti-blue light screen protectors, all meticulously designed to offer a dual benefit: reducing glare and minimising eye strain without sacrificing display clarity.

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2. Embrace the Dark Mode

Dark mode significantly reduces the intensity of light emitted by your phone's screen. This reduction in brightness has a direct impact on eye strain, particularly when using your device for prolonged periods. Pair dark mode with our matte tempered glass screen protector to further diffuse light reflections, allowing you to immerse yourself in your digital tasks without straining your eyes.

3. Adjust Transparency Levels

Fine-tuning your phone's settings to reduce transparency goes beyond mere aesthetics. By decreasing transparency, you limit the visibility of background elements, making it more challenging for prying eyes to catch a glimpse of your on-screen content. This seemingly minor tweak can greatly improve both your privacy and the overall comfort of your viewing experience.

4. Schedule Downtime for Your Eyes

Just as your phone occasionally needs a break to maintain optimal performance, your eyes also require moments of respite. Taking a few minutes to look away from your screen, focus on distant objects, or simply close your eyes provides a brief but crucial reprieve. While scheduled downtime is crucial, complementing this practice with an anti-blue light screen protector can further contribute to your eye comfort.

5. Clean Your Phone Screen Regularly

Image of a phone with screen protector

The accumulation of dust and smudges on your phone screen not only hampers visual clarity but also exerts additional strain on your eyes as they work harder to focus on the content. Regularly wiping your phone with a microfibre cloth not only keeps it visually appealing but also promotes a smoother and more comfortable interaction with your device. For added protection against smudges and glare, consider opting for a matte tempered glass screen protector. This specialised accessory not only shields your screen from scratches but also features a matte finish that reduces reflections and fingerprint visibility.

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Guard Your Vision

Take the necessary steps to protect your eyes and let your smartphone be a source of convenience, not discomfort. With our variety of accessories ranging from anti-blue light screen protectors to privacy tempered glass, you can actively reduce eye strain and enhance your overall digital experience.

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