Clarion Phone Case — The Perfect Representation of Durability and Toughness

Your iPhone is your way of staying connected, capturing memories and more. So you want to ensure it has got the best protection possible and that is exactly where iPhone accessories like the Clarion phone case come into play.

We designed Clarion to be as clear as it is durable. Here are some features that we are pretty sure you will want for your iPhone.

1. Dual defence in a single protective casing

Dual defence in a single protective casing for peace of mind

The Clarion phone case offers a unique combination of a durable hard exterior and a shock-cushioning bumper, providing double the protection for your phone. Its robust construction ensures that your device remains safe from everyday bumps, knocks, and accidental drops.

And here is the cherry on top: this dual defence system provides additional peace of mind. Just think about being out and about, living your best life, knowing that your phone is fully protected against any potential damage. Now, that is what we call worry-free living!

2. AirMax™ Armor that is ideal for outdoor adventures

Clarion phone case ideal for outdoor adventures

If you lead an active lifestyle or enjoy exploring the great outdoors, the Clarion phone case makes an excellent companion with its AirMax™ Armor feature, a cutting-edge technology that incorporates inner air pockets within the case. These air pockets compress and dissipate impact forces, effectively protecting your phone from accidental drops and falls.

So, whether you are scaling mountains, zipping through busy intersections, or exploring hidden gems, trust the Clarion phone case to keep your device secure and unscathed.

3. 10 feet drop test certified for the ultimate protection

10 feet drop test certified for the ultimate protection

Even if you are not a fan of the outdoors, big drops can happen anywhere — even at home. But that is no big deal because the Clarion phone case has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified to withstand 10 feet drops. It is like a badge of honour that speaks volumes about the phone case’s ability to absorb impact and protect your device from damage. 

No more heart-stopping moments or shattered screens — just moments of relief with the Clarion phone case that is built to withstand the rigours of everyday use and cushion the impact when your device takes a tumble.

4. Long-lasting clarity to keep your device looking as good as new

scratch-resistant surface phone case

Built with a scratch-resistant surface, the Clarion phone case boasts long-lasting clarity by safeguarding your device against scratches from keys or other sharp objects that may be lurking in your pocket or bag. 

But it does not just stop at scratch resistance with the Clarion phone case. It goes above and beyond to ensure that your phone's clarity remains impeccable, even as time passes, with the innovative anti-yellowing UV coating. The coating acts as a shield against the harmful effects of UV rays and other factors that contribute to discolouration.

Take Your Phone Anywhere with Clarion

We are committed to curating a range of products that will make your life simpler here at UNIQ. And when it comes to shopping for a phone case in Singapore which combines durability, toughness, and functionality, Clarion is an unbeatable choice to consider.

Explore what Clarion has to offer.