Since UNIQ was founded, we have grown immensely. We have expanded our range of products, our team, and our reach across the globe. Part of growing as a brand is also rethinking our impact beyond our team and customers.

We are now actively taking steps to make better packaging choices and stepping up internal efforts to work towards a more sustainable future. For years, we have strived to create better products for better living. Now, we’re committed to creating a better planet as well.

UNIQ Better By Design Singapore

Redefining Packaging
We have taken a step-by-step approach to reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment. We have designed our packaging to be 100% recyclable with minimal excess waste and replaced materials with eco-friendly choices whenever possible, including:

  • Reducing the size of PET windows by 50%

  • Using biodegradable components

  • Replacing all loose paper inserts with QR codes

  • Replacing EVA foam product holders with paper sleeves

  • Printing with soy-based ink instead of petroleum-based ink

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Rallying Our People

Our team members are our greatest assets and we believe in addressing environmental issues from the ground up internally as much as we do with our products. We have implemented the following initiatives as internal efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprint as a team:

  • Monthly car-free days

  • Digitizing all office documents to go 100% paperless

  • Quarterly beach clean-ups

  • Designated volunteer days for team members to give back to the community

UNIQ Better World SustainabilityUNIQ Better World Sustainability
We Can Do Better

While we are proud of the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact, we are also aware that there is a lot more that can be done. 

If you share the same sustainability goals as us and would like to discuss sustainable materials or carbon-reducing options, we’d love to hear from you. Kindly reach out to us via online@uniqcreation.com