Heldro ID

USD 23.90

Snap on a new level of multi-funtionality with Heldro ID. A card holder, better grip and hands-free stand all in one compact form. Combing the functionality of a FlexGrip™️ band that lets you secure your phone with just one hand for full-screen reachability, with a 2-card holder that opens to lock into a stand. 


    Secure hard-shell cardholder with magnetic attachment support
    Integrated FlexGrip™ band for secure, one-handed use of phone when attached
    Full-length opening mechanism for easy insertion and removal of cards
    Designed to open and lock in place as a sturdy hands-free stand


    Polycarbonate and sillicone

    6.5cm(w) x 0.5cm(d) x 10cm(h)

    Card storage
    Stores up to 2 cards at a time only


    We integrated the well-loved functionalities of our Heldro series into an everyday essential in the form of Heldro ID, a multi-functional card holder that does more than store cards. Just snap on and you've instantly added a better grip and hands-free stand to your phone too.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can card payments be made without removing cards from Heldro ID?
    A: Yes, Heldro ID supports tap-and-go function when only one card is stored at a time.

    Q: Does Heldro ID affect the Apple Pay system?
    A: Yes, the placement of the magnet may interfere with the Apple Pay function. Heldro ID should be removed from your phone before using Apple Pay.

    Q: Is Heldro ID secure for use with just a snap on?
    A: Yes, the strong magnets within ensures Heldro ID has a firm and secure attachment to your phone once snapped on.

For your must-haves essentials

Slim and easy-access card wallet design that holds up to 2 cards securely, without adding bulk.

Tap and breeze through effortlessly

Enables tap-and-go functionality for seamless transactions on the move.

Experience hand-free anywhere

The locking mechanism provides a sturdy hands-free stand, offering a versatile dual-orientation viewing wherever you go.

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